"Amazon Kindle Riches Go-To-Guy; Gbenga Akinwole Comes Out Of His Ghost Mode To Help 10 Lucky People Jump-Start Their Amazon Kindle Publishing Business Until It Starts Making At Least $1,000 Every Month"



 From The Desk Of: Gbenga Akinwole


 Re: I will jump-start your publishing empire till it makes $1,000



Dear Amazon kindle seminar attendee,


I'm so sure that you agree with me that Amazon Kindle Publishing is one of the easiest and the surest way to start making guaranteed recurring passive monthly Online without doing any hard lifting!

Simply because every part of the business module can be outsourced to someone else while you go about your normal daily activities.

At the end of every month,

You smile to the bank to withdraw your never-ending royalties.

 I'm cork sure you really want that!


Then I wonder...

Why you have not been able to kick-start your publishing income empire...


So What Has Been The Challenge?

I am writing this letter to you because you have proven to me beyond reasonable doubt that really want to have another source of income to support the one you have already.

But You just don't seem to be able to get started!


So here are some questions I have for YOU?


Are you willing to invest in what you are cork sure will yield you returns for the rest of your life and finally help you create financial freedom and independence?

Are you damn tired of all those buying ebooks, attending seminar, buying DO-For-Me Packages that still required a hundreds of things to do before you see any income?

Will you allow me to help you Jump-start your Amazon publishing empire till you are making at least $1,000?


If the answer to all the above questions is a resounding YES!


Then what you are about to read on this page will be the most income altering letter you have ever read.


The idea to start “KD Profit Mastermind” all started with an email I received from one of my last year Seminar attendee which you were also part of,

His name is Mr. Joseph,

This is the screenshot of exact email he sent to me.

When I received this email, I felt different emotions run through me, I felt proud, happy, fulfilled, you name it.


1.     That someone sees me as a well meaning internet marketer who is really out to help people get started and succeed.

2.   That some people are actually doing what I taught and are already seeing some level of success with it.

3.   Lastly, they still want my continued education till they get to the level of income they desire. (you too will appreciate that)

My joy knew no bound; I had to place a call to my buddie to tell him about it.

He was very happy for me too.

And the big question finally dropped from his lips...


What Are You Waiting For….When Are You Starting The Mastermind?

Then it hit me, I don’t want to start something that will soil the good name and goodwill I have created,

I want to create a family that will grow together, achieve greater height together in Amazon Kindle Publishing,

I want to change the status quo and do things differently,

If I have to do it, it must be done right!

I want to create not just a mastermind; I want to create a life changing, income changing mastermind that anyone who is part of it is guaranteed to succeed with.


So I decided to go back to the drawing board to come up with an offer that you will not be able to refuse.

...An offer that will blow anything you have seen out of the water and make you want to join me and 9 others in this life changing journey to financial freedom and independence.

After few weeks of dwelling on it, thinking about different ways to make this a runaway success for anyone that is wise enough to act fast.

I came up with a special Invitation to YOU and  9 other people who are tired of biting around the bush and just want to get this done the right way by someone they trust and believe in.


“KD Profit Mastermind”-

Your Journey To Financial Freedom With Amazon Kindle Publishing


I will personally create your Amazon publishing account to jump start your business. No more excuse.

I will give you 5 money making keyword that your first set of books will be written on. This are the book currently making me money monthly.
Access to a close VVIP Facebook group where I will be sharing with you exact thing I am doing in my publishing business that is working. In this group, you will able to access other successful kindle publishers making a killing.

I will reveal to you one new discovery about Amazon search and Amazon category.

I will reveal to you how to put your short reports in the best category for massive sales without doing extra work.

I will reveal to you one new discovery about Amazon search and Amazon category that will give your books extra edge over others for massive profit.

I will show you one new invention by Amazon that will help your book gain huge popularity and increase your profit.

I will reveal to you how to build a huge following for your books so that your books get on the high bestselling list every time. I am currently doing this and seeing massive result.
Newly discovered list called the “hot new release list” and how to get into it. Once you are in, you are in for real cold hard dollars.

Why Kindle free promotion might not be enough to drive sales to your books and what to do about it that sets you apart from the mediocre.

An in-depth step by step blueprint to make your books hit bestselling rank every time and sell hundreds of copies in 24 hours.

My forecast on what will be the next big thing with Amazon Kindle publishing…Once you know this, your income is safe forever.

Access to one secret I am using to take kindle publishing to the next level…How to let kindle publishing automatically open doors to other online businesses without doing extra work

 I will help you assess your work before you even make any mistake and invest in a wrong market.

You will discover how to link Amazon Kindle Publishing to affiliate marketing...I have never revealed this secret to anyone before.

Is that all you will get for joining 9 others in this life changing mastermind?

Far From it

I told you this mastermind is not like any other you have seen before so therefore, I will outdo myself here


Access to a secret 10 persons mastermind training which will be holding we get to $1,000 where I will reveal all my new discoveries in kindle publishing.
I will reveal to you how to use Amazon to build a secret online asset of your own that will continue to produce mind-blowing income for you even if Amazon seize to exist again.

Access to My secret goal setting tool that helps me hit my goals every time.

And many more. . .


Click Here To Reserve My Spot Now! 


Why KD Profit Mastermind Is A No Brainer For You


 If You seriously believe that Amazon Kindle Publishing has the power to create passive income of over $1,000 monthly!

But you find out that you have not been able to do anything or take action,

There can only one reason and it can be found in a quote from Wikipedia

“Human Being Have A Better Chance Of Survivor In Packs and social groups”

This explains why you have not been able to get started;

This mastermind will give you an enabling environment to feed on other people’s energy to keep you on your toes,

You will get the drive to get result with this,

You will also be able to share idea with each other pertaining to how to make your kindle publishing business a huge success,

You will be in a healthy competition not to lag behind when you see others hitting their income goals and targets.

Here Are Typical Result You Can Expect As A Member Of "KD Profit Mastermind"



What Does It Take To Be Part Of "KD Profit Mastermind"?


Okay I know you can’t wait to get started to quickly secure your spot in KD Profit Mastermind.

But I want to sweeten the deal for you and add an extra something something to what you will be getting as a member of KD Profit Mastermind.

I call this. . .

The Unconventional Fiverr Approach That create a $500 income for you working only 15 minutes.


In case you don’t know what fiverr is, fiverr is a site where people do certain jobs for $5.

Recently while I was researching more ways to turn writing into my extra income aside my Amazon kindle publishing business,

I uncovered one secret that can be used on Fiverr and other freelance website to make extra $500 every month.

I will dig deeper into showing you how to turn writing into passive monthly income...Like I said earlier, this is not Kindle Publishing.

The fun part is, most of this kind of jobs I uncovered through research  don't take more than 15 minutes of your time

I will reveal to you the exact jobs I did that got me the screenshots below and how you too can get paid $70, $100, $180 and even $250 per job you do for your clients on Fiverr.

See Screenshot Below

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Now Let Me Tell You Who KD Profit Mastermind Is Not For…


I don’t want people who cannot follow simple instructions given to them

I don't want people who are negative about life, pessimist,

I don’t want people who procrastinate and see every reason why things won’t work.

I don't want shallow minded people who don't believe in power of synergy.

However if you’re the sort of who is willing to…


Follow My Lead, Be optimistic, Vibrant and Positive-Minded, also know there is power in collaborative effort,

Then This is For You


That is why I have made sure that the price is not too high and also not too low to weed out people who will hold us back and blame it on the group.

Hence, I have set the registration for KD Profit Mastermind to only;

N45, 000

N25, 000 Only



Click Here To Reserve My Spot Now! 

At ONLY =N=25,000, you cannot say the mastermind is over priced. You cannot say it’s too expensive. You cannot say I hate you and do not want you to be part of it.

I strongly believe anyone who wants to truly makes a consistent recurring passive income of $1,000 every month with me devoting my time to jump-start your business using my set and forget Amazon kindle blueprint,

knows that Paying N25,000 for this one-of-a-kind mastermind is a steal of a good deal.

So there you go.

No excuses!

Considering all you will be getting from me as a member of KD Profit Mastermind

GrA Group Training where I will reveal what’s working now and what's not.

Help you jump-start your publishing business by opening an account for you and help publish one book for a start.
Give you access to the money keywords and niches I am using to make bank every month, also be around to help you if you run into any hitch.
Access to other Successful kindle publishers who you can ask any question you want…One of them makes over $20,000 per month; he is my mentor in this business.
Access to my unconventional Fiverr approach that you can use to rake in extra $500 every month aside your Amazon Kindle Publishing Earnings.


Time Is Of The Essence!

Once I have 10 People That I have in mind to kick start this One-Of-A-Kind Mastermind, I will shut the door till further notice.

So Taking Action now guarantees you a spot in the mastermind, also makes you one of the pioneers of KD Profit Mastermind who I am willing to go out of my way to make mind-blowing testimonials out of!

Are You Ready For A life changing, income altering KD Profit Mastermind that will lead you to true financial freedom and independence?


Here’s How To Register For KD Profit Mastermind:

Option #1 - Bank Deposit/Online Transfer.

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of "N25,000   into any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in Nigeria. The account details are:

Bank - Guaranty Trust Bank PLC

Account Name - Lodrif Internationals (current account)

Account Number - 011-693-7079

STEP 2 - After payment, send an email message (not text message please!) with YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and TELLER NUMBER to kpm@pathtosuperstardom.com  

As soon as we confirm your registration, we will place a call across to you to officially welcome you as the pioneer member.


OPTION 2: ATM Card Payment 
(Your Have a Valid ATM Card From A Nigerian Bank For This To Work!)

Click Here To Register Online

Once your payment goes through, remember to click on "Continue to merchant website" to be automatically redirected to the mastermind registration page.



Now, You Have A Decision To Make

You can make a wrong decision and continue  to invest your money and time on the next big thing that will take months, years before you start seeing anything close to result...


To register right away and let me help you and 9 others Jump-start their Amazon kindle publishing business till it starts making $1,000 monthly even when you sleep all day...


The Choice Is Yours...I Assure if you chose the latter, You will be smiling in few weeks from now And Thanking God For Letting You Make The Right Choice.

But If you decide to not join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice. I totally will respect it.

But WAIT before you make A decision you will regret later when you start seeing result of other people you know

Imagine This For A Second...

After You Have Booked Your Spot In "KD Profit Mastermind"

That you finally start receiving mind-blowing income every month from short reports you have published months back that you did not even write,

Not having to worry about money again but how and what to spend it on,

That you can finally make money while you sleep, on vacation or even doing other things that you love doing.


If you truly want to experience all the above, then the right thing to do is click on the link below to reserve your spot right now!

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot Right Away!

I look forward to you making the right choice.

But You have to be fast as I will only be working with 10 People to make it easy for me to work with everybody without leaving anyone behind.

Have questions? Call me directly anytime on 08181819516.


Sincerely yours,

Gbenga AKinwole

Amazon Kindle Go-To-Guy

 P.S. This door will be closed as soon as I get the number of people that I want in the mastermind. so Act Fast before all available spot is booked up.

P.S.S - Remember, I am taking up the responsibility of making your Amazon publishing business a success.

P.S.S.S - For the first person that registers for KD Profit Mastermind, I will start work on his/her account immediately so that we can use it as a live testimonial on the Mastermind training day on March 20,2015.

Delay is Dangerous...Act Now


Click Here to Reserve Your Spot Right Away!


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